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In simplest of terms, "Vaping" is a modern form of emulating or imitating "smoking, but without the harmful effects of burning paper and tobacco and the byproducts of such burning. Researchers from the Royal College of Physicians (UK) and other European Institutions have found vaping to be safer by 95% compared to smoking. The research is widely available and can be accessed from:

- UK NHS Website

- Canada Health

- European Union Health Commission

- Royal College of Surgeons - Ireland

Vapers inhale vapour from "e juice" or "e liquid". This liquid can produce variable amounts of vapor based on the liquid composition and the heat applied to it. Further, the liquid may or may not contain nicotine.

The e liquid is heated by an electronic device, creating the vapour which the user then inhales. Vape devices come in different styles, sizes and formats. These include from the very basic to the most complex. Price points will also vary based on the brand, uniqueness and other factors. Each device is comprised of a heating element, wicking material, battery, and a tank that holds the e liquid. The wicking device is wrapped around a heating coil. It absorbs the eliquid and then when the power button is pressed, the vapour is produced.

Devices and associated terminologies include:

- Disposables: Use it till the liquid is finished and then dispose

- Closed Pod System: Pre Filled pods that are placed in proprietary devices. Once the pod is empty, its replaced. The device is recharged

- Open Pod System: Similar to Closed, but the user can fill the pods with their chosen eliquid

- Start Kit: Everything you need to start, excluding liquid and at times a battery

- Mod: The device

As this is a beginner's site, we will leave out for now the more complex vaping devices and setups and focus on the basics for ease, simplicity and convenience.

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