• 24mm Diameter
  • 2/4ml option tank included
  • Single coil
  • Two airflow rings
  • MTL Airflow Ring
  • DLH Airflow ring
  • Ultem MTL insert
  • Postless deck
  • Half turn top cap
  • Bottom airflow



  • Gata RTA Deck
  • 510 drip tip MTL (Black)
  • 510 drip tip DLH (Black)
  • Clear 2ml tank and Glass 4ml tank
  • Vape band with logo
  • Accessory Bags
  • Serial number

QP Design - Gata RTA

  • Product Info

    The GATA RTA has a lot of options, namely the airflow control ring (AFC), the chamber, drip tip and chimney. Two sets of each means you can mix-and-match to dial down the exact vape you want, or load it as a purely MTL or DTL tank!

    The smaller, clear chamber is a 2ml bell that can be used for mouth-to-lungs, or for a shorter look. An included 4ml glass section can be used for more capacity, and uses the same clip top-cap as the Fatality has! On the postless deck, a QP Design specialty, an Ultem insert (two included) can restrict the airflow even more, the same way the Fatality M25 did.

    The GATA uses standard 510 drip tips to fully customize your experience, or you can use one of the two included tips (with different size openings). This amazing tank is aimed at experienced vapers that know what they like, and gives them the means to zero-in on your ideal vape.

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