NOTICE: For experienced users only. Vapegasim will not be held responsible for any damage, injury or harm caused by the usage and/or misuse of these wires. It is always recommended to clean and prep your coils and/or wires before usage to eliminate any workspace residue.


MCM Mod wires made from high quality imported materials and combined to create that perfect blend of hand crafted comp-grade coiling spools! MCM Mod wires are trusted by comp vapers the world over for their purity and agility in coil building. Performance is unmatched from the kings of vaping.


Made using high quality Kanthal from Sweden and Ni80 and known for delivering unmatched flavor in wattage mode or on a mech.


  • More juice pockets
  • Even heat distribution (after priming and coil prep)
  • Ready to roll or combine with other wires to create exotic builds
  • Hand crafted in the Philippines
  • Made from High Grade Ni80 and Kanthal



Tripple Twisted: Dual Ni80 x Kanthal Ribbon 3x Twisted

1mtr /pack (aprox)

MCM - Competition Wires: T3


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