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  • Slim design
  • 280mAh internal battery
  • USB Cradle and charger unit
  • Full charge in under 1 Hour (DO NOT USE IN CAR CHARGER)
  • Bright indicator lights for charging and battery level
  • Latch secure for Pod safty and accidental removal
  • 1.2ML Pod Capacity
  • 1.2oHm coil
  • Prefilled flavors using Saltnic based liquid at 36MG (3.6%)



1 AirPop device

1 USB Charge unit

1 Free prefilled Pod (Ocean 11 Tobacco) 36MG

Airscream UK - AirPop Kit (+1 FREE Pod)

  • Info

    Designed in the UK by AirScream UK and winner of the best new Pod System and Flavors at MEVS Expo Bahrain 2019! This is a small and compact device with style and features! Easy to use and great for beginners and pro vapers looking for a quick fix!


    With its 280mAh battery and easy charge, you get easily a day of power for pure vaping pleasure! It charges in under an hour and uses a standard USB connector (DO NOT USE IN A CAR CHARGER). Vapor production is on the midum scale with focus on delivering flavor and nicotine. Pods are prefilled and hold 1.2ML of liquid and easy to replace.

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