At Vapegasim, your safety and your health are of paramount importance. Following the social media videos posted on the IG account and also the many advise regarding protecting yourself from the COVID-19 (Corona) virus, below are some critical information that will help you better understand, prepare and keep safe.

All information regarding the virus should be sourced from OFFICIAL websites only. Below are links to the key websites that you should be paying attention to:

For up to date news on the impact of the virus, please consult the following news 


In addition to the safety measures outlined by the CDC and World Health Organization, here are the safety tips for vapers to deal with the Corona Virus:


What we are doing:

  • All items packed are sanitized including the packaging usedP

  • Packing and storage area is sprayed and sanitized 5x per day

  • All hands that touch any item are sanitized 3x every hour 

  • Current eliquid stock is pre-viral outbreak

  • There is no eliquid sourced from China

  • Our courier service undergoes strict sanitation and sterilization as per their procedures to manage the virus and outlined by the Ministry of Health for Logistics and courier services

Our website remains operational until further notice. Our courier services remain operational including same day delivery


Always sanitize any items you buy or receive from any shop to make sure it is cleaned. You may use wipe down sanitizers

What you need to do:

We want to remind everyone to stay calm and grounded through this uncertain time. Live your life as normally as possible. It's important however to remain prudent. As a reminder:

  • DO NOT use any testers at any shop

  • DO NOT use someone else's drip tip

  • DO NOT share your device or tank

  • DO NOT use someone else's tank, pod or any disposable device

  • Limit your interactions and handshakes

  • Limit going out to crowded places

  • Cook & Eat your own food, limiting deliveries and dining out

  • DO NOT travel to Corona hit countries

  • DO NOT Blow vapor into someone's face

  • Cover your face if you cough or sneeze

  • DISPOSE of tissue paper in trash cans immediately

  • WASH your hands often and thoroughly with soap. Use alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Avoid touching your face with unwashed hands.

  • Eat well, sleep well and build your immunity. The virus is more effective when people Smoke, drink alcohol, consume drugs and have a generally low immune system. Staying healthy is important - virus or not

  • Have faith! GOD fixes everything. It's in his hands

If you feel sick or in doubt:

  • Stay at home and work from home

  • DO NOT interact with anyone including family members

  • Contact your nearest medical facility for a check up

  • Follow the guidelines of your Ministry of Health

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